The Romance of PYOP

The Romance of PYOP

For your next anniversary, date night, or any other excuse to be with your loved one, consider paint-your-own pottery as a form of connecting and creating together. There is no better gift than one you have created by hand, either together or for each other, and PYOP is the perfect way to achieve that.

One way to design a gift that the other will love is to each pick out what piece you would want, either something like a kitchen item you’ve been needing or a piece of decor you love and have each other paint it. You could choose what color palette you prefer or let them completely use your artistic
liberties! It’s a great way to see what patterns and designs make your partner think of you. And, top it off with a secret love note on the bottom!

For anniversaries, consider creating a piece to commemorate the date. Create a platter with the colors from your wedding invite, cover a mug in doodles representing different memories you share, or paint a frame to put your favorite picture in! For finishing touches, many studios offer custom art in the
form of writing or detailed work – consider adding your names with your anniversary date or something along those lines to commemorate your time together.

If you’re feeling especially frisky, many studios also offer naughty pottery during certain hours or at 18+ events. Create something NSFW to spice things up, or try surprising each other with a piece the other wouldn’t pick out for themself.

While more risque events are fun, there is plenty of room for quality time in other classes as well! Creating, sometimes even failing, can be a great way to bond, learn, and share a laugh. Check out your local studio for upcoming class options and schedules, and don’t forget to try our studio
locator to find your new favorite date spot!

Custom Art: The Rundown

Custom Art: The Rundown

Have you explored the custom art options at your local studio? Many offer a standard set of fonts to add to any pieces you may create, to add details such as names, dates, and sayings. Beyond the standard, studios often accept commissions for larger pieces and grander designs.

Wedding platters are always a big hit. Custom artists can copy the color scheme, design, font and image of an invitation onto a large platter, a very personal and unique gift for the newlyweds or to commemorate a special anniversary. Elements of the invitation can also be applied to other pieces, like canisters, coasters, small dish sets, matching mugs, anything you like! The possibilities are truly endless, and the artist will work with you to ensure satisfaction in the remaking of the original design.

Another popular form of custom art is house platters. When people move, they can commemorate their past home or their new home with a painted replica of it on a platter or dish. This can also be great for vacation homes, temporary residences, college buildings, churches, etc. This gift is the perfect balance of intimate and practical.

Studios have seasonal designs to offer as custom pieces, like a handprint to turn into popsicle for Summer or a turkey for
Thanksgiving or even an ornament for Christmas. Handprint pieces, which are great for any occasion can really freeze a moment in time. They can also become a tradition; if the whole family gets handprints each year, you can keep a record of how much everyone has grown and display it
within your home.

Check with our local studio what their custom art options are, and try our studio locator to find your new favorite spot!

The Perfect Father’s Day

The Perfect Father’s Day

Looking for something unique to do this Father’s Day without being stuck in hot, muggy weather or rain? Try heading into your local paint-your-own-pottery studio to create memories that you can keep in your home forever! At a PYOP studio, the process itself is a gift; Pick out the pieces that speak to you, design your own color palette, and let the creative juices flow while you enjoy each other’s company. Children can create gifts for Dad, or any other fathers in their life, regardless of their age!

Younger children can use a selection of glazes that do not get muddled when kids finger paint and smush all the colors together. Older kids can follow the design found on the piece or create their own entirely. The whole family can collaborate on larger pieces and could even do handprints on a platter,
vase, or any larger piece! Handprints are a great way to preserve the memory forever and can become a yearly tradition. One way to add the perfect finishing touches is to order custom art for your piece; the studio’s artists can write the year, the family member’s names, or anything you like!

Pieces created for one Father’s Day can become staples for another. Create a large grilling platter to use at your next barbeque, a picture frame to fill and hang in your house, or a mug that can start Dad’s day off right every morning.

With no shortage of good times and lasting momentos, it’s clear that your local studio is the perfect place to host your Father’s Day gathering and really make Dad feel special. With a little AC and tons of colorful options, your party is sure to be a success. Get started by making a reservation with your local studio, and try our studio locator to find your new favorite spot!

Kid’s PYOP Summer Camps

Kid’s PYOP Summer Camps

Looking for a unique summer experience for your child? Want them to enjoy themselves while
still being creatively stimulated? Are they interested in making art? Paint-your-own-pottery Summer
camps might be the perfect thing for your child.

Many camps offer crafts in addition to PYOP, including canvas painting, clay modeling, and
papercrafts. By providing so many types of creative learning, art camps inspire kids to try new things,
create new skill sets, and step out of their comfort zone in a supported and fun learning environment. Many art
camps also have art shows at the end to display the kids’ work, giving them a chance to feel a sense of
pride and confidence in their work.

Each session will leave you with precious mementos of their Summer to hold on to for many
years to come. As your kids keep growing older, their creativity will continue to grow, and there is no
better place to foster their minds than an art-based camp. Being in an open environment with others their
age allows kids to play and make friends in a safe and non-stressful way; There is no competition or
grading system in art-based camps, taking conflict out of the picture for their breaks.

Your kids will be able to beat the heat while keeping social and making pieces they’re truly proud
of. Nearly every age can benefit from and enjoy an art based camp, and the paint-your-own-pottery
experience is quite a unique one. And, it will be a hit, rain or shine!

If your kids love birthday parties, events, and classes at your local studio, they’re sure to love a
Summer camp. Check out the options at your local studio today, and try our studio locator to find PYOP
studios near you!

National Creativity Day – May 30, 2022

National Creativity Day – May 30, 2022

Looking for something to do to celebrate National Creativity Day this month? Try
paint-your-own-pottery! With an abundance of inventory, the full rainbow of glaze colors, and endless
ideas, PYOP provides the perfect celebratory activity. Studios can offer sample works, stencils, silk
screens, creative techniques and all sorts of guidance for those who may be intimidated by a totally blank
slate. Many pieces have guiding designs, but there are always free form options for the more bold painters
in your group!

Kids have tons of options for getting messy and creative – there are figurines of their favorite
characters and animals, boxes and banks for their collections, and smushable palette options (colors that
won’t combine to make brown when smushed all over by little fingers). With options galore, there are no
unhappy campers. Kids can find color palettes that are typical of the object they’ve chosen, or go rogue
with funky colors and crazy designs.

Sometimes, we have a harder time diving into creative projects than our kids do – blank projects
can be intimidating, and it’s been a long time since most of us have taken an art class. Flipping through
stencil options can be a great way to get started: find which designs and elements stick out to you most,
and choose a color scheme to match. Then, trace the stencil with a pencil onto the bare pottery. Pencil
burns away completely in the kiln, so don’t worry about mistakes and smudges! Then, paint in your
outlined design, and voila! A piece you can be proud of.

Many studios also offer other creative outlets, like glass fusing, canvas painting, wood sign art,
wheel throwing, and more! Check out the options at your local studio for inspiration of how to spend this
year’s National Creativity Day, and you’ll have a great time rain or shine! Not sure of how to find your
local studio’s information? Try our studio locator!

The Perfect Mother’s Day

The Perfect Mother’s Day

Looking for a unique and sentimental gift for Mom? A hand-made gift is the way to go, and a
functional one is even better! With hand print designs, functional pottery, and a wide budget range,
pottery painted by her children is the best gift a mother can receive.

The associates at your local studio can assist in creating a design that incorporates your child or
children’s hand prints, finger prints, foot prints, anything you like! Most studios also offer options for
custom lettering and art to personalize the piece further – with a variety of fonts, message options, and
colors galore, each piece is totally unique and captures that moment in your child’s life.

If you forgot to get gifts, or to take the kids into your local paint-your-own-pottery studio in time
for pieces to be ready, fear not! Bring in Mom on Mother’s Day for an interactive gift experience – she’ll
enjoy not only the beautiful quality time spent with family, but also the pieces that she can keep forever
and remember the day.

With Spring weather being so unpredictable, your Mother’s Day plans may be rained out; Rain or
shine, your local PYOP studio is open and ready to serve you! The perfect rainy day activity is relaxing
with art and loved ones.
Here are some of our favorite details on pottery to include on your piece:
– A hidden message inside a mug
– A heart made of two finger prints
– The date written out (instead of MM/DD/YY)
– Kids’ signatures in their own handwriting
– Putting a photo in a picture frame before gifting it

Happy creating, and Happy Mother’s Day!