Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

This holiday season, give your loved ones gifts that are entirely unique without breaking the bank, by creating pieces at a paint-your-own-pottery studio.

Show off each person’s individual style with personalized tweaks. Glazes can be tailored, with color schemes of one person’s favorite colors or to match the interior of their home. Designs can mimic their favorite patterns or characters, or stay simple and neutral. Items can be modern, intricate, ecclectic, any style you like. With PYOP, no two pieces come out the same, just like no two of your loved ones are the same.

If you’d rather give the gift of experience, consider gifting a gift card to use together at a later date. This gift sends a sweet message of wanting designated time together, and being will to wait until the moment is right. At most studios, gift cards can be used towards more than just the regular PYOP experience; perhaps toward classes or events. This gift is a promise of making time for each other and enjoying it.

You could even surprise your loved one with two tickets to an upcoming workshop or event. Many studios shave a monthly schedule posted with all kinds of skills to learn and events to enjoy, and maybe there are even some which perfectly align with your loved one’s interests or hobbies. Studios may have workshops based on a certain show, or a concept like astrology, or even a collaboration with another local business, say a brewery.

However you choose to go about it, gifting the PYOP experience is a beautiful way to show someone you love them. If you’re looking for a studio to start planning your holiday gifts, try our studio locator.