Frequently Asked Questions


If you have specific questions, please visit our Studio Locator to find your local studio and contact them. They will be happy to help.

What is Paint Your Own Pottery?

Paint Your Own Pottery (or PYOP) is a fun activity for all ages and abilities! Visit a studio, choose your project, paint it however you’d like using glazes and materials provided by the studio, and leave it to be fired in their kiln. Then pick up your project and enjoy for years to come! Specific pick up times will vary– your local studio will let you know.

Do I have to be an artist to paint pottery?

One of the best things about painting your own pottery is that it can be enjoyed by any age and artistic ability, from those who just want to spend an afternoon exploring their inner creativity to seasoned artists! You don’t need to have any previous art or pottery experience – just come, pick your piece of pottery, and create your design. If you need help with any step of the process, friendly studio assistants are there to help guide you and answer your questions. 

What can I make at a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio?

We’ve got coffee mugs and flowerpots galore, sure, but your local Paint Your Own Pottery studio has so many more pottery options to choose from! Plates, boxes, figurines, plaques for your home or child’s room – from elegant pieces to fun projects for kids, we’ve got a pottery piece to fit everyone’s tastes. Some studios may offer other creative mediums such as fused glass, canvas painting, and more! Stop by your local studio to see what fun they have to offer.

Why should I paint pottery?

First of all, painting pottery is fun! Not only do you get a chance to create something beautiful, many psychological studies have proven the beneficial effects of art projects for keeping your mind agile and lowering your stress level. So whether you want to plan a fun activity for friends and family or need a little time to yourself, painting your own pottery is a wonderful way to relax– and create your own work of art in the process!

Where can I get ideas for what to paint?

Visit our Pinterest Page or Follow Us on Facebook for lots of great ideas. Your local studio may also have inspiring ideas on their social media– be sure to find one on our Studio Locator.

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