Shopping Small is Huge

Shopping Small is Huge

Shopping small is something we all have heard of, but it usually reminds us of buying locally-made goods or groceries directly from farms. While the traditional methods of shopping small are great, they don’t always lend themselves to things like family adventures or special date nights. Luckily, paint-your-own-pottery is the best of both worlds. You can support a local small business, enjoy a unique experience, and make a lasting product all at the same time.

With PYOP, the time you spend choosing your piece and painting it is a valuable part of the process. Picking up your completed item and bringing it home is a joy, but the process of making it is a large part of that satisfaction. With PYOP, anyone can be an artist, and the final product can really be something you’re proud of. (Even if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, we support holding onto everything for the memories).

Your local PYOP studio has very strong roots in your community, probably in more ways than you think. Community members are employees, children have their birthday parties, brides have their showers and bachelorettes, retired artists are encouraged to paint again, current artists pursue new projects, and young people find safe and engaging weekend activities. The role your local studio plays in your community dynamic may be unseen, but it is definitely strong.

Every time you visit your local PYOP studio, you’re supporting your community in more ways than one. So next time you have an empty afternoon, nowhere to go on a rainy day or feel like you haven’t done a hands-on project in a while, consider checking out your local studio. It’ll make your day, and theirs.

For help finding a studio, try our studio locator.