If you’re looking to get some new home decor in your exact style, paint-your-own-pottery can be a great solution! Make your version of a designer piece, paint with glazes that match your home’s
color scheme, or simply choose an item you need and paint it with no plan. This art can be fully functional, an investment in both a good experience and a lasting utility.

In your local studio, you will notice there are tons of options to choose from. Seasonal decor, kitchen essentials, bathroom accessories, anything you need. For small touches that bring life to a home,
like spong holders and olive oil bottles, PYOP is more personal than anything you can buy in a store or online. You can also completely customize the item to your style.

One very cute and special approach to decorating with PYOP is to paint an item with your loved ones. If you want to paint mugs with your partner, pick out colors that match your kitchen and surprise
each other with the design. Or, give your children a color palette and let them paint whatever items you need. Once they have smushed paint all over the item, use a thin brush with a dark color to add their name
and the date to the piece. This is a memory you’ll hold forever, and they will grow up using the item they decorated as a child.

To honor other special people in your life, use PYOP to pay homage. For example, a canister for your kitchen can have your grandmother’s recipe on the front, or a frame can have a quote from a loved
one. Your style can seamlessly blend with the things that warm your heart like being reminded of a loved one.

If choosing the right piece can be daunting, consider taking photos of your home before going to the studio. Take a look at the shelves, and the photos, and see where each item would go. Once you find
the perfect item, you’ll already have a reference for what colors to choose.

To get started with adding unique and personal touches to your home, check out your local studio. They may also offer classes for specific techniques or non-pottery crafts. Cheers to creating!