Unique Halloween Decor

Unique Halloween Decor

This Halloween, decorate your home with handmade pieces that your family will love forever. With paint-your-own-pottery, you can capture memories with decorations for every holiday and season. Whether it’s ghost lanterns, candy dishes, custom pumpkins, or witch votives, there are so many Halloween-themed items to add to your own unique collection.

One way to add to the ambiance of your Halloween piece is with glitter glazes. These shimmering top coats can be added to any item as the final layer to give the whole thing some extra glitz or just in certain areas to highlight a detail. For example, the sparkle of a cat’s eye would be a cool touch, but the entire inside of a votive would really shine when the candlelight hits the glitter flecks.

Another method to bring your special touch to a PYOP item is using handprints. With your family, you could make everyone’s hand or fingerprints into on-theme designs, keeping a small moment memorialized forever. Kid’s hands can become spiders in webs, fingerprints can become bats, and many families also love to make “Mommy’s Little Bumpink” plates, with bum prints turned into pumpkins.

However you decide to decorate your piece, there is no one style that they have to turn out. The same piece can look completely different depending on the taste of the artist. One person may have a set of matte white and black pumpkins for their windowsill, while another may do a rainbow theme and another with classic orange tones. There is no right or wrong way to paint your piece.

All PYOP stores have rotating inventory and Halloween-themed items, so check out your local studio to see what pieces can light up your home a little extra, especially this spooky season. If you don’t yet have a favorite PYOP studio, try our studio locator for a bit of guidance.