When trying to get a group of people to bond, let’s say coworkers, it can be a bit awkward. Usually, you need an activity, something that acts as an ice breaker, to shift the energy from politely awkward to
comfortable bonding. One great activity to play in this role is painting paint-your-own-pottery.
One way to engage a group, perhaps even while sticking to a limited budget, is to give everyone the same PYOP item and see how they paint it differently. This allows coworkers to see each other’s taste
and creative side, which don’t always come out in the office setting. The colors we pick, the designs we create, the way we paint the glazes; All these steps show off a little bit of our personalities. It can be hard
to open up, and this is a great way to show people a bit of yourself without even needing to try.
Classes are also a great place to bring a group of people looking to bond. The instruction can take away any pressure of having to entertain each other, as everyone is focused on the same thing while
inspiring side conversations and teamwork to follow along. You can see how each item turns out differently even with the same instruction, and work on group problem solving if there is a step that some people are
stuck on.
Many studios have a BYOB policy, which can be a fun way to take a little extra edge off. When a group of people only get to see each other in a professional setting, it can be intriguing to see how we act
when we don’t feel so restricted, or need to put on a certain facade to deal with clients or customers. Having an event with the (safe and moderate) addition of BYOB fun can change the town
from coworkers at a work event to friends enjoying a night out.
Regardless of the group, team building can be easily fostered through creative acts such as PYOP. Try it out with your team at your local studio. If you don’t have a favorite spot yet, try our studio locator
and discover something new.