Looking for something meaningful to give Mom this Mother’s Day? It’s hard to come up with new ideas – something tailored to her taste, while still feeling personal, and usable in her daily life. Paint-your-own-pottery is the perfect solution! With hundreds of items both functional and decor-based, there are many ways to give your Mom a hand-painted gift that is perfect just for her.

PYOP is great for all ages. Younger kids can request palettes that won’t turn brown when all mushed together, while older kids can pick out more specific colors for base coats and details. If you want many ages working together, consider dividing up the painting tasks. Have the youngest kid paint the base coat (this can be messy!), then have older members of the group paint details on top. You can also enlist the help of stencils, dotters, squeeze tubes, extra fine brushes, sponges, and more! Ask the studio associate for tips and tricks on creating designs and patterns. Don’t forget, once out of the kiln everything will be brighter and shinier!

Want to experience pottery painting with Mom instead? Grab a gift card from your local studio to promise a painting date. We suggest making a coupon that says “Good for one painting date.” Decorate the coupon and wrap it around the gift card. Then, stick it in an envelope, and get ready to see a big smile on Mom’s face! If you want to really up the ante, you could throw in other gift cards as well; maybe grabbing coffee at a local cafe first or dinner afterwards is just what Mom’s been craving.

If you’re looking for ideas of how to get started, your local studio will have samples out with plenty of design ideas. Try our studio locator to find the studio closest to you and start planning the best presents to date!