Looking for a unique summer experience for your child? Want them to enjoy themselves while
still being creatively stimulated? Are they interested in making art? Paint-your-own-pottery Summer
camps might be the perfect thing for your child.

Many camps offer crafts in addition to PYOP, including canvas painting, clay modeling, and
papercrafts. By providing so many types of creative learning, art camps inspire kids to try new things,
create new skill sets, and step out of their comfort zone in a supported and fun learning environment. Many art
camps also have art shows at the end to display the kids’ work, giving them a chance to feel a sense of
pride and confidence in their work.

Each session will leave you with precious mementos of their Summer to hold on to for many
years to come. As your kids keep growing older, their creativity will continue to grow, and there is no
better place to foster their minds than an art-based camp. Being in an open environment with others their
age allows kids to play and make friends in a safe and non-stressful way; There is no competition or
grading system in art-based camps, taking conflict out of the picture for their breaks.

Your kids will be able to beat the heat while keeping social and making pieces they’re truly proud
of. Nearly every age can benefit from and enjoy an art based camp, and the paint-your-own-pottery
experience is quite a unique one. And, it will be a hit, rain or shine!

If your kids love birthday parties, events, and classes at your local studio, they’re sure to love a
Summer camp. Check out the options at your local studio today, and try our studio locator to find PYOP
studios near you!