If you’re looking for an engaging activity fit for any age, interest or ability, paint-your-own-pottery is perfect! With tons of options and all sorts of methods, this craft is perfect for family bonding.
From decor to functional, seasonal to themed, the variety of options in a PYOP studio is generous. Kids can choose from all kinds of figurines, picture frames, night light holders, piggy banks, boxes; you name it! There are kitchen items that are fully safe to use with food and wash regularly, which is great for anyone who enjoys cooking. Of course, anyone can make any item, and you can work together on a shared masterpiece.
One way to share the artistic liberties of painting your pottery item is having a child paint all the colors they like over the surface of the piece, let’s say rainbow splotches all over a bowl. Then, the adult can use a thin brush with black glaze to write words or make designs on top of the colorful background. It can be as simple as the child’s name or as intricate as their favorite movie character. With PYOP, the level of detail is truly up to you. Some people may write their name on the bottom of a piece without even adding any glaze, to pick up a shiny white item, while others may make many trips to the studio to put in hours of detailed work. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure.
When taking a trip to your local pottery studio with the whole family, everyone can help guide each other through the painting process. You can also ask the studio employees for technique recommendations, like bubble blowing or using masking tape. We have many other blogs on the site about simple and fool-proof techniques, so take a look through them for inspiration before planning your next PYOP visit. If you’re unsure where to visit next, try out the studio locator!