Bubble blowing is one of those incredibly fun things that once it shows up in the studio, EVERYONE wants to give it a try. While it’s a great choice for kids, but one of the best things is seeing grown ups giggle through their first taste of this terrific technique! 😀

Check out a video from a studio in Maryland on how the bubble technique is done!

Suffice it to say, bubbles are the best😀 While we love using bubbles as a background for ocean themed pieces, you can use them as your design element as well– that’s what we did when we created the Hydrangea platter below!

If you’d like to give this awesome technique a try, stop by your local studio and helpful staff will be happy to walk you through how to create. Just know that when you bubble, you quickly become the envy of the entire studio. 😉 I’d say 99% of the time, a phone quickly makes it’s way out to take a video for Facebook! Just don’t forget to tag your favorite studio so they can see you in action!