The Therapeutic Benefits of PYOP

The Therapeutic Benefits of PYOP

The process of painting pottery can be a relaxing and stress-relieving activity. From start to finish, paint-your-own-pottery provides a creative outlet that is low-stakes and endlessly fun. Begin by picking out
a piece, perhaps something you’ve been needing to buy for your home anyway, or something that just speaks to you. Choose your favorite colors, sketch out a design, and begin!

One great aspect of PYOP is that nearly every mistake can be undone. If you sketch something out that doesn’t look right, no need to fear! Simply smudge the graphite and begin again. It will all burn off
in the kiln, so the pencil lines are only to guide you. Pro tip: don’t use the eraser, as it will make the pottery resistant to glaze. If you make a mistake painting, glazes are water soluble and can be touched up
with a wet Q-tip or sponge. You can even use the back of a paintbrush or a thin tool to etch away paint and leave a crisp, white line around your design.

While some may be comforted by the many steps that can lead you to a polished piece, others may find it cathartic to simply paint with no plan. With PYOP, that works great! Choose your favorite
colors, grab a brush, and do whatever feels right. No matter what, it will come out shiny and vibrant.

When creating art of any sort, your mind can shift focus away from whatever might be weighing on it, and shift your energy into simply creating. When you get in the zone, time will fly by before you
notice, and your mind will clear. Designating time to focus on yourself, and to let yourself be creative, is true wellness. With PYOP, there is a tangible result in the form of a mug or a vase; every time you see
the item in your home, you’ll be reminded of your artistic capabilities, how much fun you had, etc.

Whether you have hours to spare or just one weeknight a month, we recommend carving out time for self-care and doing so with PYOP. Treat yourself to creativity, and make something that is completely
under your control from start to finish.

Creating a Team

Creating a Team

When trying to get a group of people to bond, let’s say coworkers, it can be a bit awkward. Usually, you need an activity, something that acts as an ice breaker, to shift the energy from politely awkward to
comfortable bonding. One great activity to play in this role is painting paint-your-own-pottery.
One way to engage a group, perhaps even while sticking to a limited budget, is to give everyone the same PYOP item and see how they paint it differently. This allows coworkers to see each other’s taste
and creative side, which don’t always come out in the office setting. The colors we pick, the designs we create, the way we paint the glazes; All these steps show off a little bit of our personalities. It can be hard
to open up, and this is a great way to show people a bit of yourself without even needing to try.
Classes are also a great place to bring a group of people looking to bond. The instruction can take away any pressure of having to entertain each other, as everyone is focused on the same thing while
inspiring side conversations and teamwork to follow along. You can see how each item turns out differently even with the same instruction, and work on group problem solving if there is a step that some people are
stuck on.
Many studios have a BYOB policy, which can be a fun way to take a little extra edge off. When a group of people only get to see each other in a professional setting, it can be intriguing to see how we act
when we don’t feel so restricted, or need to put on a certain facade to deal with clients or customers. Having an event with the (safe and moderate) addition of BYOB fun can change the town
from coworkers at a work event to friends enjoying a night out.
Regardless of the group, team building can be easily fostered through creative acts such as PYOP. Try it out with your team at your local studio. If you don’t have a favorite spot yet, try our studio locator
and discover something new.
Fool-Proof Pottery Techniques

Fool-Proof Pottery Techniques

The great thing about pottery painting techniques is that they can help anyone elevate a piece, no matter how artistically inclined (or not!) you may be. Some techniques are virtually fool-proof, and we’re
here to give you the inside scoop on how to get fabulous pieces each time you go to the studio.

One classic technique is using masking tape to block off certain designs. Begin by painting your background color, or even leaving it natural white. Once the background is dry, add masking tape on top
in your preferred design. You could make stripes, overlap them, or even use stickers in fun shapes. Then, paint right on top of the tape, doing three coats for a really solid color. Before the paint dries, peel off the
tape, and reveal the design! This usually leaves very clean lines, but they can always be touched up after the fact if needed.

Another technique to keep in your back pocket is bubble blowing, which is always a fan favorite. Ask the employee to help set you up for this one, as it requires a few extra materials. You’ll need glaze, a
straw, some dish soap, and a small container, like a dixie cup or bowl. Begin by adding some water and dish soap with your glaze into the small container. Then, place the straw inside the mix. Start blowing out
the straw, but be careful not to suck in! (Glazes are nearly always non-toxic, but it won’t taste too great). The bubbles will start to flow over the top of the container. You can either place the container next to your
item or pick up the container and move it slowly above your item, so the bubbles fall on top. Cover the piece in painty bubbles! As the bubbles pop, they’ll leave behind a magical design, and no more work is
needed. This is a great technique to do both on bare pottery and on a painted background color.

The last technique we will outline in this post is sgraffito. This is the technique of scratching away paint to reveal more color underneath and is applied in many art forms. Begin by painting a base
coat onto your piece. This could be one solid color or a complete rainbow, it doesn’t affect the technique at all. Once the base is dry, paint three coats of another color on top. While the top layer is still wet, use a
pencil or the back of a brush to gently scrape away the glaze, drawing whatever design you like. The base color should be revealed underneath!

When you want to try new techniques, check out the website for your local PYOP studio and see what they have on their events calendar. Many studios have workshops, theme nights, and events with
varying levels of instruction, so you’re sure to find at least one that strikes your fancy. If you need help finding your local studio, try our studio locator.

Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

This holiday season, give your loved ones gifts that are entirely unique without breaking the bank, by creating pieces at a paint-your-own-pottery studio.

Show off each person’s individual style with personalized tweaks. Glazes can be tailored, with color schemes of one person’s favorite colors or to match the interior of their home. Designs can mimic their favorite patterns or characters, or stay simple and neutral. Items can be modern, intricate, ecclectic, any style you like. With PYOP, no two pieces come out the same, just like no two of your loved ones are the same.

If you’d rather give the gift of experience, consider gifting a gift card to use together at a later date. This gift sends a sweet message of wanting designated time together, and being will to wait until the moment is right. At most studios, gift cards can be used towards more than just the regular PYOP experience; perhaps toward classes or events. This gift is a promise of making time for each other and enjoying it.

You could even surprise your loved one with two tickets to an upcoming workshop or event. Many studios shave a monthly schedule posted with all kinds of skills to learn and events to enjoy, and maybe there are even some which perfectly align with your loved one’s interests or hobbies. Studios may have workshops based on a certain show, or a concept like astrology, or even a collaboration with another local business, say a brewery.

However you choose to go about it, gifting the PYOP experience is a beautiful way to show someone you love them. If you’re looking for a studio to start planning your holiday gifts, try our studio locator.

Shopping Small is Huge

Shopping Small is Huge

Shopping small is something we all have heard of, but it usually reminds us of buying locally-made goods or groceries directly from farms. While the traditional methods of shopping small are great, they don’t always lend themselves to things like family adventures or special date nights. Luckily, paint-your-own-pottery is the best of both worlds. You can support a local small business, enjoy a unique experience, and make a lasting product all at the same time.

With PYOP, the time you spend choosing your piece and painting it is a valuable part of the process. Picking up your completed item and bringing it home is a joy, but the process of making it is a large part of that satisfaction. With PYOP, anyone can be an artist, and the final product can really be something you’re proud of. (Even if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, we support holding onto everything for the memories).

Your local PYOP studio has very strong roots in your community, probably in more ways than you think. Community members are employees, children have their birthday parties, brides have their showers and bachelorettes, retired artists are encouraged to paint again, current artists pursue new projects, and young people find safe and engaging weekend activities. The role your local studio plays in your community dynamic may be unseen, but it is definitely strong.

Every time you visit your local PYOP studio, you’re supporting your community in more ways than one. So next time you have an empty afternoon, nowhere to go on a rainy day or feel like you haven’t done a hands-on project in a while, consider checking out your local studio. It’ll make your day, and theirs.

For help finding a studio, try our studio locator.