While we have been in quarantine for what feels like forever, many families are still looking for fun, new activities to keep everyone occupied. One creative option? Try a paint your own pottery take-home kit from a local art studio. It’s kind of like restaurant takeout, but with ceramics, paint, and instructions. Once you take the kit home and complete your masterpiece, you bring it back to the studio and they throw it in the kiln (a pottery “oven” that seals the paint and dries it onto the piece) and pick it up once it’s done — which is usually in about four days. Pretty cool, right?

Paint your own pottery — or “PYOP” as the cool kids are saying these days — is an incredibly fun way for folks to unleash their inner artist. Atlanta-based artist and business owner Ammie Williams has been involved with PYOP for the last decade, and worked at a local PYOP studio as their creative director for nine years. This store, among others, is offering take-home PYOP kits during quarantine.

Williams says not only are PYOP kits a great way to break up the monotonous routine of quarantine, but it’s the perfect way to let your kids release some creative energy. I mean, go ahead and count it as part of their homeschooling. “Art is such a great way for children to express themselves. When kids are let loose to create whatever they want, it’s amazing,” Williams says.

She tells Romper that a paint-your-own-pottery activity can teach your kids foresight (they need to look ahead to imagine how the piece will look), creativity, and patience (most studios and schools only use the kiln once a week or so). Truly, if there’s any lesson to be learned right now, it’s patience.

But kids aren’t the only ones reaping benefits. “I see so many happy hours happening on Zoom these days, so why not organize a girls’ night in and paint some pottery? Plus, working on fired arts is so much more exciting than heading to a big box store and picking an acrylic-based pottery project off the shelf. When working with PYOP, you paint your piece, send it off, and it comes back to you all shiny and perfect. That is such a fun feeling,” Williams tells Romper.

For a definitive list of every PYOP location around the U.S., visit the Paint Your Own Pottery website’s studio locator page. Otherwise, check out a few of these amazing studios below to see if one is within driving distance from your house. Additionally, Williams offers project guides on her website, which are essentially “recipes” for projects you can do at home — you just need access to a kiln. She’ll also have canvas project guides up soon so you can have the completed project at your home immediately without having to wait for a kiln.



1. The Painted Pot – Brooklyn, New York

The Painted PotThe Painted Pot in Brooklyn, NY, offers pottery projects ranging in many price points, including projects like Mother’s Day potterymugs and beveragesbowlsdinnerwareboxeshome decorbanksholidaysfigurines, and kids party.





2. As You Wish Pottery – Arizona, California, & Utah

As You Wish Pottery

As You Wish Pottery is not only offering kits such as kitchenbankslanternshome and gardenparty animals, and mystery packs, but they’re also offering classes you can do at home, like beginning technique classes, featuring “plant mom” mugs, a watercolor lemons platter, a retro rainbow desert plate, and more.



3. Craft Haus Pottery Painting Studio – Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Craft Haus Pottery Painting Studio

At Craft Haus Pottery Painting Studio, you pick your art piece, your colors and your tools, and then you choose either curbside pick-up or delivery. They’ll deliver your PYOP kits to you, guys. That’s pretty incredible.

You can choose from PYOP projects featuring kitchen and homebowls and dishesfigurinesbanks and boxesplates and plattersseasonalpets, or a donation to a healthcare hero. In addition to all that, there are pre-assembled kits and workshops, canvas projects, and board art projects.



4. Walls of Clay – McKinney, TX


Walls of Clay

Walls of Clay‘s website boasts that their pottery to go and paint at home is “as easy as 1-2-3 and 4.” You simply visit their website, purchase a kit, pick it up, paint at home, then return it to them for firing. They’re offering curb-side pick up and no-contact drop-off.

Not only do they offer pottery, but you can purchase wood crafts to paintacrylic pour kits, and free color sheets to download.



5. Paint a Piece Creative Arts Studio – Germantown, TN


Paint a Piece Creative Arts Studio

Order by 12 p.m. at Paint a Piece Creative Arts Studio, and you can have same-day pickup of a piece from 12 different collections to choose from, including Mother’s Dayquarantine lifeplates and plattersmugscustomkidsbowlshome and gardenkitchen and servingwareseasonalholiday, or canvas. All kits come with brushes, paints, and instructions, so you’re all set.



6. Eye Candy Art Studio — Duluth, GA

Eye Candy Art Studio


Eye Candy Art Studio in downtown Duluth, Georgia has some incredible items available for pickup. Just buy online the item you want to paint and your paint kit, and the shop will have everything ready for you.

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