When shopping for holiday presents, it’s hard to know where to get the most
meaningful gifts that will stay in someone’s life. And with so many trendy fads, massive lines at big box
stores, and understocking as a bi-product of Covid-19 shortages, holiday shopping can be a complete

Some of the best gifts are experience-based. We may think first of concert tickets, trips, etc., but
pottery studios can provide so much in terms of not only a wonderful experience but a product that
solidifies that memory forever; The best of both worlds.

In a paint-your-own-pottery studio, pre-made pottery can be painted; classes are offered (perhaps
on wheel throwing, canvas painting, glass fusing, wood sign making, special techniques, and more),
and there is always ample opportunity for memories to be made! Purchasing a gift card from a studio to
be used towards any type of creation or event is a great way to gift someone in your life a wonderful day
and a special present to hold on to.

And, if gift cards are not your preference, hand-painted or handmade pieces can touch the hearts
of your loved ones. Children’s handprints, romantic designs, whatever your goal is, can be achieved on various pieces, all designed by you.

One significant aspect of this gift idea is supporting a local business, allowing it to do
well during a season where many people flock to massive corporations and online sellers. So this holiday
season, give a little thought to where your presents come from and consider giving the gift of an