No Craft Experience, No Art Degree? No Problem!

Everybody loves beautiful handmade gifts, but some of us feel that it takes special talents, skills or supplies to create them. Paint Your Own Pottery studios want to dispel that myth! Anyone can paint a beautiful pottery piece to give as a gift or keep as a memento – and it doesn’t take an art degree, just your own ideas and creativity.

There are several reasons why painting your own pottery (either for yourself or as a gift) is a great idea:

  • You get to paint a beautiful design of your own making on a pottery piece without having to be a professional potter or artist. The studio is staffed with people who can help you every step of the way, and that makes painting your own pottery low stress and very fun!
  • Personalizing your own piece of pottery is easy. You choose the style of pottery from several designs. Select something useful, like a plate, mug, or flowerpot, or something whimsical and fun like a figurine, plaque or decorative box. How about a hand-painted piggy bank or even a pirate skull? Being able to choose not only the way you paint your piece, but also the style of the piece itself, really allows your creativity to shine.
  • Some Paint Your Own Pottery studios have other options besides pottery pieces, such as glass, clay, mosaics or other materials to experiment with and whet your creativity
  • Anyone can buy a gift, but only you can make a personalized gift that means something to the recipient. You’ll be proud to say “I made that!”
  • If you’re painting a pottery piece for your own home, you can match the colors and design to your décor. How crafty is that!
  • Painting your own pottery can be a fun activity for all ages to enjoy. Take your family to one of our studios, and you’ll get a fun family outing that results in beautiful mementoes you’ll treasure for years. And the pottery pieces your children decorate also make unique gifts for kids to give their grandparents.
  • Why not have a Paint Your Own Pottery party to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, class graduation or any other event? Your guests will have creative fun, and there’s no better party favor than a hand-painted pottery piece you can bring home and enjoy.
  • You don’t have to have a fully-stocked studio in your home with expensive supplies and equipment, because your local Paint Your Own Pottery studio already has everything you need to create beautiful pottery pieces today.

The best thing about Paint Your Own Pottery? It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know Picasso from Play-Doh. Simply visit one of our studios and we’ll provide the supplies and inspiration. All you have to do is have fun! And who knows – you might just discover that you’re an artist after all.

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