Fun, friendship, food - and you get to take home a souvenir!

Do you need to plan an event, party or outing for a group? Whether it’s a wedding party, bridal or baby shower, camp activity, field trip, birthday party or team party, we have several reasons why a trip to Paint Your Own Pottery is one of the best options you can choose for a group activity.

Painting pottery is cheaper than therapy
Many psychological studies have proven the beneficial effects of art projects for keeping your mind agile and lowering your stress level. So whether you want to plan a fun, low-stress activity for your coworkers or need a little time to yourself, painting your own pottery is a wonderful way to relax, relieve stress -- and create your own work of art in the process.

Host a memorable birthday – and everyone takes home a masterpiece
Want to plan a birthday party for kids or adults that everyone will enjoy? A birthday party at your neighborhood Paint Your Own Pottery studio comes with the ultimate party favor: a hand-painted pottery masterpiece that the guest designed and painted him- or herself. Your special birthday party will be talked about for years to come as your guests enjoy their pottery “souvenirs” of the occasion.

Who says teambuilding has to be boring? (Or sweaty!)
If you need to put together a teambuilding activity for your workgroup and want something that’s a little different and unique – not to mention fun for everyone – consider bringing your team to a Paint Your Own Pottery studio. Painting pottery is fun for everyone regardless of skill level. Your team will get to know each other better and really enjoy a team activity – no sweating required! And each team member will get to bring their special creation home.

Nobody wants to play baby shower or bridal shower games. Everyone wants to paint pottery.
Who really wants to sit around playing the usual baby shower games? If you’re planning a baby shower or a bridal shower, honor the lady of the hour with a party that the guests will enjoy as much as she does. Have your shower at a Paint Your Own Pottery studio and your guests will enjoy not just fun and food, but also get to take home their own hand-painted pottery masterpiece.

This ain’t your mama’s ceramic shop
We’ve got coffee mugs and flowerpots galore, sure, but your local Paint Your Own Pottery studio has so many more pottery options to choose from! Plates, boxes, figurines, plaques for your home or child’s room – from elegant pieces to fun projects for kids, we’ve got a pottery piece to fit everyone’s tastes.

Whatever your event, and no matter how old or young the guests are, everyone has fun when you invite them to paint their own pottery! Find the location of the studio nearest you and plan your next party.

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