Amazing Glass or Pottery Projects? We Have a Class for That!

If you want to have a fun night out with friends and come home with something beautiful to show for it, how about taking a class at one of our Paint Your Own Pottery studio locations? We thought we’d take a moment to explore just a few of the many excellent reasons to visit your local Paint Your Own Pottery studio and take a class – either by yourself or with a friend, loved one or even a group.

Exercise your brain – take a pottery class!
Several studies have shown how beneficial the arts are for the brain – whether you’re simply viewing art by others or you’re an active participant in the artistic process. Not to mention the fact that art can be a wonderful stress-reliever. So use your gray matter to create something more colorful! Take one of our pottery or glass-painting classes at your local Paint Your Own Pottery studio, and get some mental stimulation while you create a thing of beauty.

Spend some quality mother/daughter time
Want to enjoy some time with your mom or daughter? With a trip to a Paint Your Own Pottery studio, you get to not only make memories, but to make a beautiful hand-painted pottery piece as well. There are many styles of pottery to choose from.

And if you’re not sure what color scheme to go with or need some painting pointers, studio staff can help guide you in creating your pottery masterpiece. It’s a stress-free and fun mother-daughter outing that comes with its own beautiful souvenir.

Glass projects? There’s a class for that too
If you want to learn how to create glass or mosaic projects, your local Paint Your Own Pottery studio offers just the classes you need. There are many different options when it comes to the glass and mosaic projects we offer, and our experienced studio staff can help walk you through the project while you express your own creativity and ideas.

A party with a purpose
Want to have a fun night out with friends or even a group of your coworkers? A visit to a Paint Your Own Pottery class is a great way to spend time with friends or get to know your work colleagues better in a low-stress, creative environment. And of course you’ll have a beautiful piece of pottery that you designed!

Showcase quality pottery with a personal touch
If you’ve always been interested in trying your hand at pottery but never had the time or studio space, why not try painting pottery the stress-free way with a pottery painting class? We have a wide array of both fun and functional pottery pieces to choose from, as well as all the colors you could dream of. So whether you’re itching to try a new art form on your own, or need to plan a fun and original activity with family or friends, we’ve got a class for that! Find out what classes your local Paint Your Own Pottery studio offers and have fun while you create beautiful pottery or glass projects.

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